Catering Menu

Looking for an easy way to host your next business, family or holiday?

Grab and go salads and deli sandwiches available.

Use the form below or contact us at (519) 952-0142 to make an order.

This is our catering menu.

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Meat Choices (must be reheated)

 Roast Beef….$12.50 lb

Pulled Pork..$12.50 lb

Sliced Pork…$12.00 lb

 Ham…….$12.50 lb

Turkey ..$13.50 lb

Stuffing and Gravy..$3.00 per person

 **We suggest 1/2 a pound per personwith the exception of Turkey (1lb per person)*

Sides (must be reheated)


Mashed Potato

Scalloped Potato

Oven Roasted Potato



Baked Beans

Cheesy Hashbrows

Macaroni and Cheese


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