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A brief sampling of what we offer in store!
Keep in mind that we love to customize orders and have weekly & monthly specials.
Use the form below or contact us at (519) 952-0142 to make an order.

Our weekly specials include:

Hot Beef on a Bun – Thursdays ONLY

Souper Fridays

Sticky Buns – Saturdays ONLY

Check our Facebook Page for our Sunday dinner specials!

This is our Main Menu

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Homestyle Entrees

Frozen heat & serve entrees!
1 person: $8.00
2-3 person: $16.00
4-6 person: $30.00

Famous Roast Beef

Pulled Pork

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Scalloped Potatoes

Beef Lasagna

Cheesy Hash Browns

Beef Chili

Shepherds Pie

BBQ Pulled Chicken

Cabbage Rolls

Beef Stew

Fresh Breads

Freshly baked just for you.

White Bread: $3.25

Wholewheat Bread: $3.50

Multigrain: $5.00

Rye or Marble Rye: $5.00

Italian or French: $4.00

Cheese Bread: $6.00

Baguette: $3.50

Raisin Bread: $5.00

Buns & Rolls

Dinner Rolls: $3.00 dozen

Large Kaiser: $4.50 pkg/6

Sausage Buns: $4.00 pkg/6

Cheese Buns: $6.00 pkg/6

Large Croissant: $5.00 pkg/3

Small Croissant $6.00 pkg/12

Pizza Buns: $8.00 pkg/4

Sausage Rolls $8.00 pkg/4

Sticky Bun Saturday

$12.00 / PKG 4

Sweet Endings

Lemon Meringue







Coconut and Banana Cream 

$16.00 – 9 inch pie


Butter and Fruit Tarts: $2.43 each       (6 for $13.50)

Assorted Squares: $2.14 each (6 for $12.00)

Donuts: $2.43 each

Eclairs: $2.62 each

Flakie Pastry: $3.33 each

Fruit Danish  $ 2.21 each



Cookies: $6.50 dozen

Empire Cookies: $2.62 each

Oatmeal Date Cookie: $3.10


Fruit Sticks   $6.00/pkg 4


Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes by order only, 48 hours required please!

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