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A brief sampling of what we offer in store!
Keep in mind that we love to customize orders and have weekly & monthly specials.
Use the form below or contact us at (519) 952-0142 to make an order.

Our weekly specials include:

Hot Beef on a Bun – Thursdays ONLY

Souper Fridays

Sticky Buns – Saturdays ONLY

Check our Facebook Page for our Sunday dinner specials!

This is our Main Menu

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Homestyle Entrees

Frozen heat & serve entrees!
1 person: $8.00
2-3 person: $16.00
4-6 person: $30.00

Famous Roast Beef

Pulled Pork

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

Scalloped Potatoes

Beef Lasagna

Cheesy Hash Browns

Beef Chili

Shepherds Pie

BBQ Pulled Chicken

Cabbage Rolls

Beef Stew

Sausage Rolls

Fresh Breads

Freshly baked just for you.

White Bread: $3.25

Wholewheat Bread: $3.50

Multigrain: $5.00

Rye or Marble Rye: $5.00

Italian or French: $4.00

Cheese Bread: $6.00

Baguette: $3.50

Raisin Bread: $5.00

Buns & Rolls

Dinner Rolls: $3.00 dozen

Small Kaiser: $3.50 pkg/6

Large Kaiser: $4.50 pkg/6

Sausage: $4.00 pkg/6

Cheese Buns: $6.00 pkg/6

Large Croissant: $5.00 pkg/3

Small Croissant $6.00 pkg/12

Pizza Buns: $8.00 pkg/4

Sticky Bun Saturday!

$12.00 / PKG 4

Sweet Endings

Lemon Meringue







Coconut and Banana Cream 

$16.00 – 9 inch pie


Butter and Fruit Tarts: $2.43 each       (6 for $13.50)

Assorted Squares: $2.14 each (6 for $12.00)

Donuts: $2.43 each

Eclairs: $2.62 each

Flakie Pastry: $3.33 each



Cookies: $6.50 dozen

Empire Cookies: $2.62 each

Oatmeal Date Cookie: $3.10 each



Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes by order only, 48 hours required please!

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